Die for a reason that will live, than live for a reason that will die • Do not fault me for voicing my concerns • You give not because you have more than enough but because someone doesn't have enough(Viomak) • There's nothing as bad as doing nothing about exploiters of humankind • Sympathy is for one who has tried and failed, pity is for one who has failed to try • Compassion is love in action• Intelligence is doing something about the suffering of others • Whatever you do,do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men(Colossians 3.23) SPEAK NOT IN THE EARS OF A FOOL FOR HE WILL DESPISE THE WISDOM OF THY WORDS(PROVERBS 23.9).WITH COURAGE YOU WILL DARE TO TAKE RISKS,HAVE THE STRENGTH TO BE COMPASSIONATE,AND THE WISDOM TO BE HUMBLE.COURAGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF INTERGRITY(KESHAVAN NAIR)


Remember education isn't how much you have committed to memory or even how much you know. It is being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.

Viomak Educational Services is committed to your educational needs. We will help you secure University applications throughout Canada. You can simply send us your paper work, we will then apply for you and mail you the response from the university. However, Viomak Educational Services does not have the jurisdiction of University acceptance if their response is negative. It is the University's responsibility to make that decision. Viomak Education Service will advise you on the requirements, apply for you and mail you the decision.

We accept applications for Undergraduate programs, Masters (Graduate programs), and Doctorate programs in any discipline.Generally minimum qualifications required is 2 'A' level subjects for undergraduates,An undergraduate degree for a Masters programme and an excellent u honours degree or masters degree for a Doctrate programme.If accepted, we will advise you on how to apply for your student visa. It is as easy as that. For more information email
education@viomakcharitymusic.com, submit the information  or post  on the


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